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Jada is one of our foundation bitches here at Windward Boxers.  She is
a maternal sister to our other bitch Pritchett and Bay's Doin It Cali
Style.  Her sire is an awesome half brother to our stud dog Diesel
(Pritchett's Read 'Em and Weep).  She comes from
Murbe Boxers lines
on both sides of her pedigree and has some fantastic individuals
behind her.  We are very excited about the incorporation of some EWO
breeding into our program.  She has a great topline, a beautiful head
and fantastic movement.  We are looking forward to bringing her
offspring out now that she has finished her championship.  A big thank
you to Vince and Annie Horne for making this awesome girl available to

The decision to show Jada was somewhat an afterthought as our
initial intentions in acquiring her was to breed her due to her
exceptional lineage.  We made the decision to start showing Jada in
June 2011 along with her sister Cali and she started earning points
toward her championship almost immediately.  After being owner
handled to six single points in five weekends, Jada took a six month
break from showing to whelp a litter and recuperate.  She returned to
the show ring in mid-February with Marci Bell and Amy Bieri of
Tails Ranch and earned her first 5 Point Major and went Best of Breed
from the classes, over 15 specials (handled by Marci Bell.)  Jada then
finished her championship in style a month later, going Best of
Winners for a 5 point Major on St. Patty's Day 2012, handled by Amy
Bieri in Winners and Marci Bell in the Breed Class.  Jada accumulated
two five point majors in two weekends, and 16 total points in a 3 month
span of showing in the competitive Mid-West circuit.  We are proud of
this girl's quick finish and look forward to raising the next generation of
Windward Boxers out of her in the future!

Thank you to all of the judges who have used this impressive bitch as
their winner, especially Mildred Bryant and Marcia Tucker for awarding
Jada her Major wins.

Please scroll down to see Jada's complete win record!
Windward Graffix Photo
CH Horne's Serenity Jada
Murbes Oklahoma BJS X Murbe Storm of the Century
by Ch. Irondale's The Pretender
Whelped 1/19/2008
Jada's sire, Murbe Oklahoma BJS, a son of Ch.
Irondale's the Pretender, out of Misty's Hot N' Spicy
"Cayenne" a daughter of EWO's Reflection of Breaker,
Jada's dam, Murbe Storm of the Century, a
daughter of Ch. Irondale's the Pretender and Ch.
Murbe Yin Yang.

                  Ch. Irondale's Jagged Edge
          Ch. Irondale's The Pretender  
                  Treceder's Pretty Woman
  Murbe's Oklahoma BJS
                  Ch. Ewo's Reflection of Breaker, SOM
          Misty's Hot N Spicy "Cayenne"
                  Misty's Sassy Sadie

CH. Horne's Serenity Jada D.O.B. 1/19/2008

                  Ch. Irondale's Jagged Edge
          Ch. Irondale's the Pretender
                  Treceder's Pretty Woman
  Murbe Storm of the Century
                  Murbe Westbrook Pegler
          Ch. Murbe Yin Yang
                  Heart Acres Y Two K
~Jada's Win Record~
Photos by Booth Photography (unless otherwise noted.)
June 22nd, 2011- Jada goes Winners Bitch
and Best of Winners at the Michiana Kennel
Club, Valparaiso, IN under judge Mrs.
Barbara Dempsey Alderman for her first point.
-Handled by Alexandra Suseland
June 24th, 2011- Jada takes Winners Bitch at
the Valparaiso Kennel Club, Valparaiso, IN
under judge Mrs. Francine W. Schwartz for
her second point.
-Handled by Alexandra Suseland
Another shot of Jada at the Michiana Kennel
July 15th, 2011- Jada goes Winners Bitch
and Best of Winners at the Holland Michigan
Kennel Club, Marshall, MI under Judge Mr.
Jim C. Briley for her third point.
-Handled by Alexandra Suseland
July 31st, 2011- Winners Bitch from the Open
Fawn Class at the Marion Kennel Club,
Marion, OH.  Thank you to judge Mr. Ralph
(Sonny) Ambrosio for this win and her fourth
-Handled by Reuben Dourte
Aug 5th, 2011- Winners Bitch at the Jaxon
Kennel Club, Marshall Michigan for her 5th
point under judge Mr. Rick Gschwender.
-Handled by Alexandra Suseland
Aug 6th, 2011- Jada takes Winners Bitch and
Best of Winners under judge Mrs. Rita J.
Biddle, Esq. at the Sturgis Kennel Club in
Marshall Michigan for her 6th point.
-Handled by Alexandra Suseland
**Major Win**
February 10th, 2012- Jada goes Winners
Bitch, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed
from the classes for a five point major at the
Hoosier Kennel Club in Indianapolis, IN
under Judge Mrs. Mildred K. Bryant.  A big
thank you to Judge Bryant for finding our girl
among a tough breed class including 15 of
the top special dogs and bitches in the
-Handled by Marci Bell
**Major Win**
March 17th, 2012- Jada goes Winners Bitch
and Best of Winners for a five point major at
the Evansville Kennel Club in Louisville, KY
under Judge Mrs. Marcia P. Tucker.  A
sincere thank you to Judge Tucker for finding
our girl among 42 class bitches and 24 class
dogs for Best of Winners and awarding her
her second 5 pt major win and AKC
-Handled in Winners by Amy Bieri
-Handled in Breed by Marci Bell
A daughter of Jada and our dog, Diesel.  She is AKC
pointed from the puppy classes.
Pictured at 4 years of age.
Pictured at 3 years of age.
Jada's health testing results are as follows:
OFA Hips- Good- BX-4549G41F-PI
OFA Elbows- Normal- BX-EL506F41-PI
OFA Cardiac- Normal- BX-CA2242/40F/C-PI
Thyroid- Normal
24 Hour Holter- 3 singles, 0 pairs, 0 runs
March 24th, 2012- Jada goes Select Bitch at
the Dubuque Kennel Club, Dubuque, IA for a
Grand Champion Major under judge Mr. Jay
-Handled by Guy Fisher
March 25th, 2012- Jada takes Select Bitch for
another Grand Champion Major at the
Dubuque Kennel Club, Dubuque, IA under
judge Mrs. Edna (Katie) Gammill.
-Handled by Guy Fisher
CH. Murbe's Yin Yang, Jada's maternal grand dam,
receiving her first Major Win.
CH Windward N Double Down's Queen Of Hearts
Mia is a daughter of Jada and our dog, Diesel.
She is co-owned with Michael Brown.
CH. Irondale's The Prentender, Jada's twice grandsire.