Finesse is another fantastic filly we were able to acquire from
Orndorff's Belgians.  Orndorff's have been breeding Belgians
for more than a half century and we are honored to be able
to restart our Belgian breeding operation with products of
this excellent program.  Finesse shows us everything we like
to see in a young mare.  She has tremendous balance, huge
feet, and the cleanest hock you will find.  Her sire is
Orndorff's U.C. Encore, a son of U-2 Charlie who has been an
All-American and Gold Merit winner.  Both her paternal grand
sire and maternal grand sire have been world champions.  She
is a great moving mare and has the front end and style to
hitch one day.  We are looking forward to showing her in the
future and she will be one of our foundation mares in the
breeding barn.

We wish Gardiner Belgians the best of luck with this filly.
              Orndorff's Supreme U-2
      Orndorff's U-2 Charlie
              Orndorff's Charlie Bea
Orndorff's U.C. Encore
              Remlap Amos
      Orndorff's U-nan-amos
              Orndorff's Supreme Unity

Orndorff's Encore's Finesse

              L & C Korry
      Korry's Captain
              Chief's Blossom
Orndorff's Captain Vicki
             Orndorff's Congolaise Supreme
     Orndorff's Supreme Victoria
             Oakland's Vicki Lynn
Orndorff's Encore's Finesse
Orndorff's U.C. Encore X Orndorff's Captain Vicki
Foaled 3/5/08
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